Open Your Own Business
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Starting and Running a Fitness Center Is Easier Than Ever With Fitness Center Developers

Our 100% turnkey package is smarter and less expensive than buying a franchise or do-it-yourself

Our complete training program shows you how to properly manage the key components of your fitness center, including: how to sell prospective members, how to retain existing members and how to create an environment that appeals to the needs and desires of each type of member.

Two Basic Business Models Available

The 24/7 Club

A 24/7 Fitness Center is one that is available to members 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Most of these clubs are in 2,000 – 5,000 square foot spaces and utilize a door access system that allows members to use the facility during unstaffed hours. Read More

Personal Training Club

A Personal Training Club creates a unique fitness experience for its members by focusing on Small Group Training and One on One Training. Read More

Custom Fitness Center Packages Also Available

At Fitness Center Developers we understand the incredible variety of training options available - so in addition to our standard fitness center packages we have the ability to create and design clubs based on both your needs and the needs of your future members.

Fitness Center Expertise

We know how to provide each of the seven critical services required to professionally open your club doors with the maximum potential for long-term financial success.

Industry Statistics

  • 70 Billion Dollar Industry World Wide - IHRSA 2011 Global Report
  • US Fitness Center Membership has grown from 12% in 2008 to over 16% in 2013 – IHRSA Trend Report
  • • Heading into 2014, the industry is expected to maintain robust performance with some growth in key performance indicators. According to results from the Physical Activity Council’s (PAC) annual participation study, over three out of 10 Americans plan to increase spending in joining/re-joining a health club, which is expected to impact membership numbers in 2013

Take Control of Your Future

Fitness Center Developers Provides a Proven System - Over Two Decades in the Making - that Greatly Increases Your Profit Potential.

We are NOT a franchise. You are the 100% owner of your fitness center and everything in it. You have complete control over all aspects of your business and never pay royalties or fees. Your earnings are yours. Fitness Center Developers offers Financing Assistance, In-House Credit Repair Services (when necessary), Site Location, Lease Negotiation, Training, Operations and Store Build-Out, Merchandising, and Comprehensive On-Going Support. We provide an expert to assist you at every step of your store's development - for the entire life of your business. Fitness Center Developers offers the same services as a franchise - without any handcuffs or strings attached to your business. Why buy a Fitness Center franchise, when for thousands less you can be an independent owner and never pay any fees or royalties? Review our 7 critical services and watch the testimonials and informative videos from our in-house fitness industry experts. After you research all your options, the choice should be clear - and we'll be here to help you begin your journey toward independent fitness center ownership.