Fitness Center Marketing

Many fitness center owners have gone into business with the “Build it and they will come” mindset. Unfortunately this is not the case. Successful fitness center owners and managers have always found the proper combination of advertising and outside prospecting is what is needed to attract new members. You will learn how to properly utilize your advertising dollars and how to implement prospecting systems during non peak club times.


Our Staff guides you in using the most effective forms of advertising and will provide marketing templates to eliminate the guess work from the process.


The most successful fitness center managers in the industry know that advertising alone can only do so much. By incorporating regular prospecting you will find that you can decrease seasonal changes in your business and increase overall membership sales. We will train you on how to sell:

  • At Health Fairs
  • Outside Telemarketing
  • New Member Referrals
  • Corporate Sales
  • Proper Use of a Guest Pass Marketing Program

We provide the sales scripts, training and forms needed to put these programs and others like them into practice.

Setting Appointments

The goal of all fitness center marketing is to bring prospective members into the club, by setting appointments you let the prospective members know their time is important and that you will provide a better experience by simply being available when the prospective member arrives. Our program teaches this valuable skill and provides scripts for you to use.

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